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Anal Orgasm Overload.
Chapter One.

Ashley had been hot for a fuck all week, his ass had been aching to be shafted. He'd noticed this club, Dungeon X, and decided to give it a try. He cleaned himself up, then dressed in a unzipped leather jacket and torn denim jeans, both of which showed off his body, his muscular pecks and big round ass. He also put on his extra tight cockring, it made his 7 inch cock hard straight away, and it stayed like that and hurt, but that was the way he liked it. He also jammed a buttplug up his ass, not too big but enough to keep the pressure up.

He drove to Dungeon X and went in, past a large pair of doormen. Inside it was like being at a bodybuiler show, all the men was so hard, bulky and dressed in leather. There were about 30 guys there, in chaps. He could see the bulges of their hard dicks. A good looking blonde guy came up to Ashley and introduced himself as Trevor.

"Wanna play?" said Trevor. "Sure," said Ashley, "Do what you want."

Instantly Ashley was surrounded by men, they grabbed his arms, he struggled but it was useless. They dragged him to the center of the room. There, poking up out of the floor was the biggest dildo Ashley had ever seen, bolted to the floor. A couple of the men were greasing it up with vasaline, it was black and came up about one and half feet and its girth was greater then they could get both hands around. And it had a huge head. Ashley felt his jeans being ripped away and greasy fingers roughly pushing into his asshole. They lifted him by putting their arms under his knees, so he was still upright but with legs bent, ass toward the floor.

They held him over the huge dong.

"Snort this hard and deep, slave! It's aroma therapy perfume," said Trevor and thrust a small bottle under Ashley's nostrils. Ashley obeyed and took a long, deep inhale. After a few seconds he felt dizzy...

And then they jammed him onto the dildo, ramming it into his asshole, it was way too big but they forced him, some holding his arms and legs, others pushing hard on his shoulders to force him down. He felt like he was splitting in half, and at the same time like he was about to explode cum everywhere, the pressure made his already pained, swollen cock go even harder. He groaned in agony as the gigantic head of the dildo forced its way into his rectal passage, until finally he was caught on the dildo's head. At this stage they let him go, he was squatting high, his ass about a foot off the ground, his asshole clenched tightly around the huge girth of the mega-cock. His face was one of shocked agony. He tried to get up... but couldn't! The dildo head was too large, he couldn't pull off from it, he was trapped squatting there with the gigantic dildo up his ass in the middle of the club.

All the other guys started pulling out their cocks, all were erect and all were large, some black, some white, some cut, some uncut, many drooling precum. They started slapping their cocks and balls into Ashley's face, several jamming them into his mouth, fucking his throat. He felt the cocks go deeper into his throat than he'd ever felt before, but he was almost oblivious to this, the shocking sensation from his busted anus and crushed prostate flooding his mind.

He noticed that one of them was actually filming it on a video camera, and several were taking snapshots with digital cameras and cellphones. All the time the cocks and balls kept slapping his face.

Trevor made Ashley snort from the bottle again and then commanded "Now work that fucking dildo, slave!"

They grabbed his arms and legs again and started making him slide up and down on the enourmous rod, he felt the pressure inside him rising and pumping, the stretching in his rectum, his abused, dilated anus. Some guys spread his cheeks to give the camera a good view of his asshole as the dildo pounded into it, the head still trapped inside of him. Finally he lost his mind, and just bounced up and down on the great post unaided, bounding up and down on it as they slapped his face with their cocks. Some grabbed his balls and started to roughly jerk and pull them, his poor hard dick flayed around unmolested, dripping pre-cum and the occasional forced drop of semen. More of the small brown bottle was administered. His asshole was dilated to the size of a CD in order to accomadate the shaft of the dildo, he felt the muscles clenching and spasming helplessly and hopelessly.

The men all formed a circle several deep around Ashley now as he worked himself on the massive black rod, all jerking their cocks, the cameras focused on Ashley's face. The jerking got more and more aggressive until finally a guy came, a huge load of hot, gooey cum splattering over Ashley's face as he held his head back. A moment later more guys started to cum, and from then on it was non-stop, they moved in and plastered his face in thick, gelatinous load after thick, gelatinous load of reeking fuck cream, splurting the stringy, runny, sperm all over his face, in his eyes, in his mouth. Ashley gargled the cum, drooling spoof out all over himself as he bobbed up and down on the oversized rubber dick.

Still the cocks kept cumming, the big, fat, swollen purples heads pointing him eye to eye for a moment before unloading violently right into his face, it was like slow motion watching the creamy spoof shoot out of the swollen, pucked eye-hole of those fat and pulsing wangs, splurt after fevered slurt, drenching him in spunk. It hung off his face and brows, and his nose. The cameras continued to flash.

And still he had to pump himself on the dong, guys had started spanking his ass now, big hard slaps to his red, round, exposed, violated behind.

This continued for so long, there was so much cum pooling all around him, he was sure new people must be turning up but he couldn't really see because the cum had all but blinded him. Whenever he slowed up the slaps on his ass became extra hard, more aroma was applied.

Eventually the guys were mostly sitting back, spent for the moment. Trevor came over with a key and unlocked a bolt on the floor. The dildo detached from the floor. Ashley could move now, but it was still jammed painfully tight up his ass, he pushed with his rectal muscles as hard as he could to expell the dong but couldn't, the head was too big, it had taken more than four men to force it into him and he was too drained and weak to get it out himself. His eyes were tearing, he couldn't stand straight but had to walk, knees very bent, upper body at an angle with his back arched up, his big, attractive bubble butt poking out behind him with the huge black dildo protruding. He reached back and spread his ass cheeks to try and get relief, as he hobbled along, giving a fine view of his stretched anal ring desperately clenching at the object. Cum dripped off him as he staggered about, and his cock was still super hard despite the pain both it and his ass were in, his cock was dark purple and the veins in it looked like they were about to burst.

"I think you're done for the evening slave, fuck, you reek of fucking wank spoof, you're a humiliated, anus-abused cum covered mess. So here's what's going to happen, you go home and sleep this off, and then you get back here again tomorrow night for more of the same. You got that?"

"Yes Sir," said Ashley weakly. "Now please Sir, can you free me?"

"Sure thing, slave"

Trevor opened the door, rapidly dragged Ashley outside, then went back in and locked the door. To Ashley's horror, he now found himself outdoors on the street, his face and leather jacket absolutly covered in cum, hunched over with a mega-dong stuck up his exposed, protruding ass, his swollen cock throbbing. He banged on the door but just heard laughter. Cars were driving past and he could see their shocked inhabitants staring at him.

He turned and started stumbing home. It was a long way, maybe he could get there before the sun came up, sticking to the shadows to avoid the occasional pedestrian. Maybe.

Little did he realise he was stumbling toward the docks...


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